Canada’s source for C1 upper cervical spine health and stability

Atlas’ is the name given to your top cervical (neck) vertebra, also known as your first cervical spine vertebra, or C1 for short, that sits under your skull (head bone).

At Atlas, we focus on C1 vertebra alignment and upper cervical spine care. We are one of Canada’s only complete C1 upper cervical spine health centres dealing with sustainably correcting the impact of C1 misalignment and effectively treating upper cervical instability. 

We are Canada’s destination clinic, as we are one of only a few clinics comprehensively managing, treating and stabilizing C1 upper cervical spine health worldwide. Our patients span into a list of other countries. 

Although the upper cervical spine is our expertise, we effectively treat pain of the entire body with a combined approach of finding the source and addressing the symptom. We teach home care to rapidly remove pain and minimize the reliance of treatments.

We also treat active patients and athletes for sports performance. We have a roster of professional athletes that rely on us to keep them strong, in top top shape and injury free.


Dr. Ryan Emmons is an authority in Canada for treating C1 upper cervical instability, an upper neck condition where the ligaments have lost integrity and become lax and unable to hold adjustments. This creates a significant list of possible neurological, muscular, digestive, energy and mood symptoms. 

Although he treats everything from head to toe, Dr. Ryan’s passion for treatment is the upper cervical spine, specifically alignment of the C1 vertebra. He developed the C1 Restore Technique which he considers a highly effective C1 adjustment technique. He has spent the last 9 years refining and optimizing this technique.

Dr. Ryan treats this condition from experience, as he once had severe upper cervical instability and corrected it. He has been diligently improving and perfecting treatment and stability of the C1 vertebra and upper cervical spine for many years.


Dr. Ryan Emmons is passionate about diagnosing the condition and getting to the root cause. His reputation is based on helping patients get better with difficult, long standing pain. His systematic and analytical approach and excellent diagnostic skillset allows him to determine and treat challenging conditions.


Dr. Ryan strives to provide a quality therapeutic service by taking the time to determine what the complaint is and has a keen sense for determining what the cause may be. He continually re-evaluates the progress to ensure optimal results. Dr. Ryan empowers his patients and provides excellent home care advice and exercises to support continual recovery.

Many patients are pleased to hear that he treats as minimally as possible and encourages patients to seek sustainable resolutions, and shift away from ongoing treatment and any regular care or maintenance whenever suitable.


Dr. Ryan is proficient at treating common discomforts with an emphasis on soft-tissue complaints by utilizing a multi-therapeutic approach with chiropractic, Active Release®, Graston® and acupuncture.


Dr. Ryan treats athletes as an athlete who has been there, knows sport and biomechanical movement and understands the passion to keep training. He has experienced many of the injuries and aches and pains that athletes endure. This past experience, coupled with his education, allows him to quickly and effectively diagnose an injury, understand the source of the injury and develop strategies to treat the injury.

If you have ever wondered how professional athletes get treated, an appointment with Dr. Ryan will provide you with the experience first hand. As a private consultant to professional athletes in the NHL and CFL, Olympians, professional bodybuilders and professional golfers, Dr. Ryan provides the most current treatment techniques available. You may not be a professional athlete, but you can be treated like one.


Dr. Ryan’s excellent diagnostic skills, gentle adjusting techniques, effective soft tissue care and emphasis on home care in the form of self treatment techniques and foam rolling make him the best choice to deal with your pain.

As an authority in treating specific instability-related conditions and challenging cases, he is an excellent resource to many and receives regular referrals from many professionals: medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and massage therapists.

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